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FYHFYH bearing company founded in 1950, specializing in the production PILLOW BLOCK (with Block Rolling), has now become a world-class seat belt bearing manufacturers. With advanced technology, using the unique self-aligning bearing production line, from the implementation of fully automated processing quality inspection. FYH seat belt bearing tolerances than the Japanese industrial specifications more stringent, requiring high speed can be used in a variety of places strict rotation. FYH about 700 kinds of standard bearings, FYH bearing about 300 species. Bearing assemblies consisting of thousands of living industry made great contributions. In addition to standard products, as well as heat resistance, corrosion, dust, etc. can withstand a variety of harsh environments FYH seat belt bearing. In order to meet customer needs diversity, FYH put into small, lightweight bearing assemblies, various components of stainless steel series, ceramics series, and has been praised all parties.

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